Tuesday, October 12, 2021

KY Baptist Foundation: Funding the Great Commission TOGETHER

By: French D. Harmon, Phd

The Kentucky Baptist Foundation exists to serve churches, institutions and individuals in spreading the gospel through opportunities in legacy, stewardship and investing initiatives. For 76 years the KBF has been faithful to distribute nearly $210 million to gospel causes across the commonwealth. We call that "Funding the Great Commission."

At a recent KBF board of directors meeting, members reaffirmed the mission to provide Kentucky Baptist churches, individuals and institutions with ongoing giving options. It is the KBF's desire to be the "best friend" of every KBC church. Here are three opportunities for our KBC church family:

•SHORT TERM FUND — Since launching the fund in June, churches and institutions have benefitted from the 1.25% return on investment. There joy is in knowing each month extra money is now available to those entities to extend the gospel. By working "together" with the KBF, it is possible to gain additional resources for church planting, revitalization and much-needed ministry funds.

•ENDOWMENTS — The KBF has assisted hundreds of Kentucky Baptists in structuring their estates to benefit the local church, mission organization or gospel-centered causes. By working "together" with the KBF, many individuals are now learning how to tithe their estates. Please contact the KBF to discover how small, medium and large gifts can provide perpetual funds to spread His word.

•STEWARDSHIP — It is the responsible of every believer to grow in giving to support the work of His church. By working "together" with the KBF, congregations can receive guidance on securing biblical stewardship literature, small group studies and information on capital campaigns. KBC pastors are invited to call the KBF to receive a copy of free stewardship resource.

French Harmon is president of the Kentucky Baptist Foundation.

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